CS 77-So

CS 77-So

Concept System 77 'Softline' window

Optimised safety and comfort

Concept System® 77 is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. Anticipating on the thermal requirements, the insulation value (Uf) for the HI+ variant of this system goes down to 1.7 W/m²K for a standard opening window. The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing and CS 77 even achieved the Swiss Minergie® component label. 

The system’s performance regarding acoustics, water- and air tightness, but also for specific applications like Bullet - and Fire Resistance, meets the most severe European standards. Moreover, CS 77 windows are available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

To match the different building types, the system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Renaissance and Hidden Vent. 

The CS 77 system includes the most complete range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening windows. Ultimate combination possibilities, also with CS 77 doors, CP 130 sliding systems and Ventalis ventilation units, makes CS 77 extremely suitable for all types of building concepts, even with the highest safety requirements.



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Technische informatie


Min. aanzichtbreedte kader: naar binnen opengaand51 mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte vleugel: naar binnen opengaand33 mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte kader-vleugel: naar binnen opengaande89 mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte kader: naar buiten opengaand- mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte vleugel: naar buiten opengaand- mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte kader-vleugel: naar buiten opengaand- mm 
Min. aanzichtbreedte T-profiel76 mm 
Max. hoogte vleugel2800 mm 
Max. breedte vleugel1700 mm 
Max. gewicht element170 kg 
Totale systeemdiepte kader68 mm 
Totale systeemdiepte vleugel77 mm 
Opdekhoogte25 mm 
Min. glasdikte 16 mm 
Max. glasdikte 28 mm 
Min. glasdikte vleugel6 mm 
Max. glasdikte vleugel40 mm 


Luchtdichtheid max. testdruk4 (600 Pa)
Waterdichtheid9A (600 Pa)
WindbelastingsweerstandC5 (2000 Pa)
Thermische isolatie (Uf)1.2 W/m²K


  • FixedFixed
  • Inward opening combined elementsInward opening combined elements
  • Inward opening double casementInward opening double casement
  • Inward opening tiltInward opening tilt
  • Inward opening tilt turnInward opening tilt turn
  • Inward opening turnInward opening turn
  • Inward opening turn tiltInward opening turn tilt
  • Round window fixedRound window fixed