RB Glass

RB Glass

Unrestricted safety

High rise buildings without balconies are a worldwide seen architectural trend. Simultaneously safety cannot been jeopardized by transparency and design.

RB Glass is an add-on glass balustrade for larger window areas in high rise buildings. Even without balconies, you can safely open your windows and enjoy an unobstructed view.

The RB Glass Balustrade is allowed for glass spans between 0,6 and 2m (with 1,2 glass height).



Download de bouwaansluitingen.

De juiste referentie van de CAD FILES is terug te vinden in de architectencatalogus. Download eerst de pdf-file en dan de gewenste CAD FILE.

Technische informatie


Totale systeemdiepte kader61,5 mm 
Min. glasdikte 12,5 mm 
Max. glasdikte 21,5 mm 
Min. glasdikte kader12,5 mm 
Max. glasdikte kader21,5 mm 
Min. Glass panel height1200 mm 
Max. hoogte glaspaneel1200 mm 
BeglazingsmethodeDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones