MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

MasterLine 8 Ventilation Vent

Crafted for masters

MasterLine 8 combines a wide range of opening types, design variants and insulation levels into just one platform with a 87mm system depth. All opening types are available in three insulation levels (standard, HI and HI+), larger windows are possible with stronger profiles with smaller sight lines. The functional design variant offers the widest range of profiles to be able to neatly connect to profile ranges such as sliding elements, curtain wall profiling etcetera.

With ever more awareness on our ecological mark on the future, there is a need for better insulation performances and improved air and water tightness. With MasterLine 8 it is possible to combine water tightness of 900Pa as a standard and air tightness 600Pa with reduced air loss, with excellent thermal values and glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window.

In MasterLine 8 the manufacturing process from first sketch to the installation of windows has been simplified and therefore the productivity of creating aluminium windows has improved. Less tolerance sensitivity when installing windows, fewer and easier to apply gaskets and foams all assist in the goal of making it easier to produce high quality windows.

MasterLine 8 is truly one of its kind in the way many new technologies and smart design have been introduced in order to create a lean product, where less material is used without compromising on performances and quality. A smart design of creating insulating air pockets in the thermal break and low emission foils are used on insulation bars made of an innovative material with reduced lambda values: Noryl.

A single gasket has been designed that can be used as an acoustic gasket as well as a glazing gasket, reducing the amount of gaskets needed for fabrication and therefore also reducing waste.Tightening and sealing of mitres has been simplified and improved by adjustable rebate supports and improved glue dispersion during injecting.



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Largeur visible min. cadre de fenêtre ouvrant vers l'intérieur53 mm 
Largeur visible min. cadre/ouvran vers l'intérieur239 mm 
Largeur visible minimale profilé T80 mm 
Hauteur maximale d'ouvrant2800 mm 
Largeur maximale d'ouvrant250 mm 
Profondeur générale cadre d'un système77 mm 
Profondeur générale ouvrant d'un système87 mm 
Hauteur de recouvrement27 mm 
Coupure thermiqueOmega Hollow Chamber  


Étanchéité à l'air sous la pression max. de test4 (600 Pa)
Étanchéité à l'eau9A (600 Pa)
Résistance au ventC5 (2000 Pa)
Performances acoustiques45 (-1;-4) dB dB
Isolation thermique (Uf)119mm: St. 1,9 / HI 1,6 / HI+1,2 W/m²K